Useful information about Sofia airport taxi cost

Visiting foreign countries for business or pleasure is always connected with a little bit of anxiety and stress about the travels. In this article, we will be mainly talking about transportation from the airport and will give you some useful information about Sofia airport taxis.

It is always recommended to book your transportation from the airport in advance. And this is why we will be talking about pre-booking a Sofia airport taxi, so not to be stressed or anxious. It is always better to plan and arrange everything from start to finish, so as not to have any problems. Because the thing that all of us who travel abroad are always worried about is exactly the transportation from the airport and around the city.

Taxis are known to be a safe way to travel and have a lot of advantages. For example, it saves up on time and the driver can give you the ride to your destination in the fastest time possible using the shortest route. The drives are always aware of the direction in the city and they have GPS devices, so there is no way of getting lost. Another benefit is that you can relax after the long flight and there won’t be anything to worry about because the driver helps you reach the destination.

Sofia airport transfer

Most airport taxi services have a fixed price and they charge you for the airport pickup of drop off. So, you can pay according to your convenience – online, with debit or credit cards or cash. TransferBulgaria Group is in the same way. If you are coming to Bulgaria, you can pre-order your taxi from Sofia airport to your destination. There is also an airport transfer in Sofia, Bourgas, Varna, and Plovdiv. The company is working for more than 16 years in corporate transportation, tourism, and logistic fields. So, they have the needed experience and know what exactly their clients need. Ordering a Sofia airport taxi is a great option for you because this way you will be calm and not stressed at all. You will know that when you escape from the airport, there will be a taxi driver, waiting for you. You will feel relaxed during traveling and can take a rest. Also, there won’t be a need to look for credit cards, or money in cash if you pre-pay the service. Learn more about’s airport taxi in Sofia.

Sofia airport taxi cost you can check on their website You can also ask them some questions using the chat form, or you can directly call them at +359 878-858-974 +44 20 8123 1485. Their customer support works 24/7 so do not worry what time is it or what time zone you are at. You can also get in touch with them via e-mail, Viber or Whatsapp, so do not delay and if you are coming to Bulgaria, choose the Sofia airport taxi from TransferBulgaria Group.